by Sep 23, 2016

We were dismayed to receive a further email from Angus, Angus & Angus requesting an apology and a donation to charity for publishing their comments on our forthcoming book, READ EM AND WEEP: SERIAL KILLER.

We’re not sure how to respond, so while we discuss our next move, we thought we’d show you the second email from Angus, Angus and Angus, below:


From: AngusAngus&
Subject: Read Em And Weep: First warning
Date: 23 September 2016 14:00:00 GMT+01:00
To: Pat Mills; Kevin O’Neill


Dear Mr Mills and Mr O’Neill,

It has come to our attention that you have used our private correspondence on the forthcoming vile and unsavoury publication READ EM AND WEEP, to create publicity for its loathsome contents.

Our solicitors, Caber Caber & Toss, are examining all legal avenues to determine if the law has been broken. This has already cost us money we had set aside for the staff Christmas party and any further action could cost us our own Angus Angus & Angus annual family holiday weekend in Loch Gloomond. Mrs Angus Angus and Maggie are most upset at this prospect.

If you wish to continue in the world of publishing we would advise you to send the Angus families a profound written apology and a substantial charitable donation, made out to Angus Holdings Aberdeen.

Yours in hope for your damned souls,


Albert Angus
Acting Angus (Snr.)

P.s. Do not have me involve Mr. Rory Angus. He has a tricky valve and could blow at any minute.


Pat Mills & Kevin O'Neill

Authors Pat & Kevin: not laughing

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