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The Spacewarp cover is a wraparound – doubling your Warp Experience!

Here’s the front:

The talent behind the cover:

Mike Donaldson (Fu-tant) on pencils.

Gareth Sleightholme (Xecutioners) on colour.

Art editor Vince Hunt designed the masthead, based on an original design by Margarita Mustafina.



And below is the Wraparound!

Mike did a clever thing: he designed the cover to work as a wraparound on the print edition AND as a stunning standalone print.


The line-up from left to right:

1. Bad Dog – Special Forces 1 soldier fighting the Viraks invasion on behalf of humanity. Well, what remains of it, anyway. (SF1)

2. Koda – Schoolboy with mutant superpowers. Blackmailed into doing bad stuff by his headmaster to save his best friends from being murdered. (Fu-tant)

3. Schlock AKA Slayer – The repair robot with a big problem with authority figures – and genocidal maniacs. (Slayer)

4. Dada – Just your average 1970s, time-travelling punk Scouser. (Jurassic Punx)

5. Drogeda – 400-year-old Alchemist with a predilection for genocide, torture, blackmail and immortality. (Fu-tant)

6. Chaval – A lawman with the dirty job of hunting down Aliens on the moons of Saturn. Problem is, he believes in Justice, not the Law. (Xecutioners)

7. Joe Megiddo – Once he studied dinosaur bones. Now he hunts the real thing – in post-apocalyptic Liverpool. (Jurassic Punx)

8. Detective Inspector McNeil – Her mission: to capture and neutralise the Infernal De La Rue – before he brings down the entire British establishment. (Hellbreaker)

9. Anton De La Rue – On the run from Hell, with a Warp Singularity in his pocket and murder on his mind. (Hellbreaker)

What do you think of the characters?does one in particular catch your eye?  Which story are you most excited to read?

Drop us a line in the comments below!




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