You may have missed the astonishing memo between John Sanders and Steve McManus, managing editor of 2000AD. If so, here it is again.

It attracted considerable interest on our social media – amongst our highest viewing figures – which goes to show just how much readers care about our creators’ rights and how they’re as saddened as I am by an ever-shrinking British comic model which continues its short-sighted trajectory.

Thanks for your support, guys!

With our recent successful digital launch of SPACEWARP COMIC (paper edition out in October) the memo is very relevant.

The gist of what Sanders is saying is that if creators get proper rights to their work, and have a bigger share of the bakery, we’ll all be at each other’s throats ‘for all the reasons contributors generally are at each other’s throats.’ He suggests that two of us creators, at least, should run our own bakeries and eat our own cakes.

Whether because of Sanders or McManus, or probably both of them, they successfully decided to ‘divide and rule’ us, so, in fact, there was no cake for any of us freelances back then, including Alan.

And today, on 2000AD, nothing has changed. All we get are a few lousy crumbs from the table, with a royalty percentage far, far below the industry standard. That’s if the story is even collected to qualify for a book royalty. Increasingly that is not the case.

So that’s why I started my own bakery: SPACEWARP. Let me assure you only top bakers are working here (Note that I avoided saying master bakers) as you can see for yourselves:


And there’s none of the disagreements those two expected. On the contrary, every baker volunteers to work overtime promoting the bakery, improving their recipes, and making sure each cake is a delicious masterpiece.

Go to Amazon and enjoy a slice on us.

Or see our Spacewarp t-shirts, prints and stickers. 

Buying our merch would be the icing on our cake.


P.S. The American Reaper cake (From Amblin Entertainment) is particularly tasty.



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