New Charley’s War collection: Bravo, Rebellion!

by Feb 18, 2018

Rebellion have done an absolutely brilliant job on the new Charley’s War series. This really is the definitive edition. Everyone concerned must have put a helluva lot of work into it; so my sincere thanks to all those concerned. I know many (maybe all?) the pages were rescanned, so special thanks to Moose Harris who I believe was at the heart of that operation and John Freeman of Down the Tubes for being so supportive of Charley all these years.

The detail and the passion in the book is absolutely mesmerising and it’s now seen in its full glory. And with colour pages, too.  Line-work that was hitherto blurred is sharply defined.  It’s hard to believe the UK comic industry, with all the wretched obstructions thrown in our path over the decades, can foster an artist like Joe who has produced such a masterpiece. I hope his genius gets the further acknowledgement it deserves. I’ve been saying since the early days of Charley’s War that he is Britain’s greatest comic artist and this new edition surely proves it.

It’s so powerful, it’s going to be a while before I will be able to look at it properly because tears come to my eyes, not just for Joe and for the story, but also for the reality of the Great War, which has been shamefully covered up by our rulers in these centenary years. A subject I’ve written about and lectured on elsewhere. I daren’t linger on it here, or turn the pages of the book because it will just remind me how our forefathers were betrayed by organised murderers and war criminals and how their memory is still betrayed today. See, for example, Harry Patch, the last Tommy, and his words on the subject.

One further element had me in tears. The red poppy, which has been hijacked by our jingoistic militarist rulers as a symbol of supposed patriotism – and featured on the Titan covers despite my reservations – is now replaced by the white poppy. At last! I couldn’t believe it at first. We are living in an age where all establishment outlets downplay or don’t feature the anti-war movement in the Great War. For example, the British Library bookshop had not one book on conscientious objectors in sight when I checked. Yet the movement was so much stronger than our lying ‘historians’ (who are little better than government shills, and have literally taken the King’s Shilling with their fake histories) will have you believe. It is so heart-warming to see this symbol of peace – and not war – on Charley’s War.


Bravo, Rebellion. You have done me and Joe proud. Thank you, guys.

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