Pat Mills is a punk … he has always written outrageously violent, scabrously satirical and often hilariously funny attacks on authority and the establishment.”


Jonathan Ross


“it’s fun, disgusting and hits the mark”

Are you ready for your demonic irrigation?

Reprinted for the first time, horror favourite Psychokiller was originally printed in 1990’s comic Toxic! 

This gruesome and bizarre, darkly surreal fever dream of Ouija boards, dead gangsters, bathroom murders, demonic infestation, and teenage lust is essential reading for comic buffs and fans of all things schlock.

With new front and back covers from the artist Dave Kendall, and a hauntingly horrific 6-page bonus art gallery.

Available as a softcover from Amazon and digitally from Comixology.

Doctor Morbus will see you now

Yes, I need a demonic cleanse


What the readers are saying

“Entertaining and gripping”  “Interesting, informative and funny this is essential reading”

“A fantastic expose of the early years of 2000ad and beyond, and some very pertinent thoughts about the future of the comics industry as a whole!”

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“Just finished this twisted, very funny novel – 1st in a series by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. Brilliant skewering of 1970s kids’ comics.”

Ian Rankin
Inspector Rebus novels

Serial Killer is available as a paperback from Amazon or as an ebook through the Kindle App – read on any device.

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The 1970s were a dangerous time for kids.

With Dave at work, it’s a more dangerous time for the adults who harm them.

Happily chewing his liquorice pipe and plotting evil, Dave is a comic book editor with mischief on his mind. He adds lethal info to his stories, and his readers act on it. So far – so gruesome.

But then his femme fatale mother starts nagging him to solve her murder. She’s definitely dead, but is she really a figment of his imagination?

Is Dave victim, villain … or vigilante? Can he find his mother’s killer? And how many adults can his readers knock off before Dave finds himself in the firing line?

All the joy of a box set binge of your favourite sitcom wrapped up in a funny book.

Amazon Reviewer

This is a book with teeth, it will flick you in the balls with a towel and get off with your girlfriend behind your back. It is full of nuanced speech and setting, full of energy and cunning and most of all you will devour it and ask where the next serving is coming from.

Antony Esmond


Quite a few times I’d start laughing my head off reading this in the kitchen and my daughters would want to know what was so funny.

Amazon Reviewer

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News on READ EM AND WEEP 1: SERIAL KILLER! Our very first book review is due in tomorrow! Our main character, Dave Maudling, wrote comic serials and was also a serial killer; so we sent an advance review copy of our book to Dave’s old Scottish publishers in Aberdeen...

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So delighted with the imminent reprint of Misty by 2000 AD, and the huge interest it's generated. I've just done an interview with Samira Ahmed for BBC Radio 4's art and culture show Front Row for broadcast tonight at 7.15pm (6 Sept 2016). And The Herald has a great...

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Hey Vampire lovers! Are you desperate to sink your fangs into digital editions of our best-selling graphic novel series, Requiem Vampire Knight? I've heard from many of you guys on this issue, and some of you just aren't into signing up with Comixology (where we've...

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Talking to Stephen Reid for the Everything Comes Back To 2000 AD podcast reminded me of the songs that inspired me on Cursed Earth. One such song was Barry McGuire's Eve of Destruction which still holds up well today. But the other one, Come Away Melinda, led directly...

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By Pat Mills, Oct 21 2014 04:36PM I recently received some questions from Catherine, a PhD candidate studying scary kids’ stories (cool, huh?), who is producing a sample Misty-inspired comic as her final project. She wanted to know how comics are produced and this...

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