The Spanker

by Oct 21, 2017

Remember this SPANKER annual, featuring the CANING COMMANDO?

Maybe some of you still have an old copy kicking around in your attic? Or you may have picked one up at a car boot sale?

SERIAL KILLER brought you more adventures of the intrepid CANING COMMANDO, helped by his plucky but mentally-challenged sidekick, Alf Mast, and took you behind the scenes, to show you life in The Spanker office.

Book two in the Read Em And Weep series, GOODNIGHT, JOHN-BOY, is coming soon, bringing you more caning fun and thrills, chums and pals!

It includes three brand new CANING COMMANDO stories!


Soon it will be time, once again, to “Carpet Bum the Hun!”

Special thanks to artist MARTIN BAINES, who painted this exciting annual cover back in 1976, and who still looks incredibly young for his age. More examples of Martin’s fantastic work can be seen at

Find out more about SERIAL KILLER with our first ever review, from Angus, Angus & Angus:

And if you’re still interested, you can buy a copy of SERIAL KILLER here:

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