SPACE WARP April 2019 © Pat Mills



We’ve been recording thought processes and ideas around Space Warp, so we can share them with you. I think these short clips are a great way to present ideas, rather than trying to get everything down on paper. (It’s a total coincidence that I am drinking wine in all of these clips).

First up, a key tenet of Space Warp is that every story is a Number 1 story. An even playing field for every artist. This was really important to me on 2000AD, but it got eroded, for one reason or another.

One of my main motivations for creating Space Warp, which gets to the heart of the potency of comics and how far they influence children. I want to show – without any loss of entertainment – that evil people come in forms other than arch villains.

If you don’t want to know anything at all about Jurassic Man before it’s published, don’t watch this one!

I give some context to the story: how the Space Warp has devastated the UK and how I draw on strong emotions to ramp up the drama.




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