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If you know my work from 2000 AD, Marshal Law, Charley’s War or Accident Man (to name a few), but you haven’t yet discovered my comedy thriller text series, Read Em And Weep, you’re in for a treat! 

Just finished this twisted, very funny novel – 1st in a series by Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill. Brilliant skewering of 1970s kids’ comics. Ian Rankin, multi-award winning author of the Inspector Rebus crime series




London, 1975. Dave Maudling escaped his rotten childhood by losing himself in comic books. Now an editor for the same comics that served as his escape, he uses his window into the minds of youth to hide dangerous clues in his most popular strip. But when his pipe bomb instructions reach the wrong demographic, Dave takes his plot to a whole new audience…

A rotten childhood. A comic book crime spree. One last chance to get his killer reputation…


Would you risk your life to save a kid? Dave used to be the kind of guy who definitely wouldn’t stick his neck out for anyone. But now? A teenage boy in the care system needs protection from Knights’ Grand Master, depraved TV celebrity ‘Fabulous’ Keen, who is getting away with worse than murder. The ‘national treasure’ believes he is above the law, but not Dave’s law.

Praise for Read Em And Weep

“This is a book with teeth, it will flick you in the balls with a towel and get off with your girlfriend behind your back. Full of energy and cunning and most of all you will devour it and ask where the next serving is coming from.”

Antony Esmond Down The Tubes

“Excellent book. Funny in all the right places. Pat has really hit the mark with the second book in the series. Can’t wait for book 3.”

Amazon reviewer

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